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I have been writing since I was very young in various genres. It started with several magazine articles and short stories and then I turned to writing novels. The wild west was always a big interest as both my father and my grandfather were always reading them and there were always cowboy books as they called them lying around for me to read. Then I was given western annuals for birthdays and Christmas which also helped push my interest. Riding horses soon became an interest which grew.

What I love doing is writing, especially about wild open places of America and the people who lived there in the 1800's. Westerns, a genre not so common as it used to be but it's coming back! There is now a plethora of western books being written. It is a fascinating era and one there is always something more to learn about and enjoy.

I have written other genres including crime/thrillers but always come back to westerns. I have always been writing from an early age and guess I'll never stop. All my locations are real or at least were in the day. Why not ride with me and read one of my books and join me in the wild west? I really enjoy and all things Wild West although I have also written crime/thrillers and children's stories. However it's westerns for me now!

I have had a varied career, including being a production manager for an electronics firm; an IT tutor and have formed and closed two companies; Compu-training Ltd and Harveywoodimages dealing with computing and professional photography. I also have a great interest in nature too and enjoy being outdoors and in wild places. I have also played guitar semi-professionally for many years.

I live with my wife Glennys and a Lhasa Apso dog.

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