Authors Consultancy

I offer a personal one to one consultancy service for authors and writers to assist you in any way required for you to write your novel or article.
This is a complete service from help with getting ideas for your book to creating a plot that will enable you to complete the work.

I am a best selling author in the western genre ands also have other genres to my name. Check out the other pages here on the website and so can offer advice from experience.

Ideas can sometime be hard to come by but I can direct you to all manner of places to assist with this first stage in writing and give you inspiration regardless of the genre you are working in.
Once an idea has been formed then I can show and advise how to turn that idea into a detailed plot for you to write the story from.

There are several programs you can use to write your book in and I can help you sort out which one is best for you and then how to format the text correctly for you to be able to submit it to a publisher in the way they want it presented.

Publishers wil want a synopsis of your work and this can be very hard tpo produce but I can help you through that minefield to present the best synopsis possible.

There are different ways in which to see your book in print, some cost a lot of money but I can advise you on how to sidestp that and give you the best chance possible of success.
I can also give information on how to self publish your work on Amazon and how to present it to your readers.

Advice can then be given in promoting your book to the public.

Please contact me for more information.